minethisis - 25 july - 2017

Ultra-light and ultra-thin!!! Very stable, with very nice grip to both the laptop and the table top.
The soft fabric bag is really handy to store the stand among everything else within the backpack.

The product matches everything it claims to deliver.

lemly - Belgium - 30 december 2018

When I ordered it I did not have too high expectations, but it looked nice and came from a Dutch startup.

At less than 12 hours it was delivered, and * wow * - I was immediately sold! The standard is lighter than both my agenda and my smartphone, but radiates 'solidity'. Some reviews report that it is fragile; that is the opposite for me. My laptop - a 13 "MBP - does not wobble when placed on it, even though my desk is not completely level.

From now on, if someone is looking for a laptop stand, I will recommend it!

MarcTF - Eindhoven - 31 october 2018

We nowadays buy by default the OviStand for new colleagues. It is nicely compact, foldable and also looks elegant. Extra advantage, also all PC laptop'ers very happy!

Sammy19 4 june 2018

Super handy because it is collapsible and weighs almost nothing. Laptop stands firmly and does not slide off.

geennaam1991 - Amsterdam - 5 march 2019

I have been working at home on my laptop for a while and really started to suffer from my neck and back. This standard is the ideal solution. Super convenient to use, sturdy, laptop stays well and you can easily take the stand with you. There comes also a nice bag with it. I was hesitating between a number of options (cheaper and more expensive), but I am very happy with my choice.

Siridhamma Lelystad 31 december 2017

Above expectations beautiful and practical in use!
I wanted to put my new and 1st Macbook on my small and cramp countertop so I could watch NPO (Dutch TV station). And with this beautiful almost floating standard it became possible. Ovilli Design delivered the next morning; I was completely surprised!

OlieHub - Amsterdam - 28 april 2018

I have a laptop bag, and this standard is so thin (I estimate just under 2 millimeters thick) that it fits with my MacBook Pro in the same sleeve of my bag. So I always have him with me, also because he weighs almost nothing. The weight was an absolute positive surprise.
Folding and unfolding is very easy. The height of the stand is adjustable in three positions so that the laptop screen - also depending on the incidence of light - is comfortable reading height and angle.
I get the comments about the vulnerability; Incidentally, I think that the lightweight material itself does not break easily. The connections might be more vulnerable (because made of a rubber kit) but I have it for months now, use it weekly and see no wear. The reason is that I put it in my sleeve with my laptop.
Looks beautiful because it is very minimalistic.
I think it's a fantastic product, especially for the "on the go" entrepreneur, student, etc.

Ovilli remark: The joints are not made of rubber kit, but from a high quality polypropene that has been tested by TUV Rheinland, Germany to withstand more than 80,000 movements, lasting more than 100 years!





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